Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Football, Chickens, Food, Hut, etc.

Levy Mwanawasa Stadium, Ndola, Copperbelt, Zambia

A few minutes late

A bit crowded


No streetlights, crossing guards, manners, etc.

Sunrise in Mabote

Lubwe, overlooking the lake

The Catholic mission that started Lubwe

Lake fly season!

Brick laying. They mold them and let them dry for some time,
then build the tower to burn them solid.

Praying mantis sneaking up my wall.

Mama got stuck in between my roof and plastic covering.

Yup, I can even make pot stickers in the village!



Methylated spirits burner.

Methylated spirits burning.

Shelf I made with old bed frame for my clothes,
gadgets, cat, etc.

Living room

The closest thing I have to plumbing.


At night, on the water, fishermen put out lamps to attract fish. They
leave them out for a while, then scoop the fish up. This is a scene
you can see every night.

Best time of the year to stargaze. There's the Milky Way.

Burning the dambo to make new goat grazing grounds. The black
dots are termite hills.

A typical Zambian meal. Nshima on the left, fish, egg on the right, and
a kale type thing.

My new chickens, Prince and Eve. Eve is currently sitting on 10 eggs.

Mama and Eve don't get along. Eve usually wins any
conflict over food. Here, Mama is spying on Eve taking
a dirt bath.

Although I usually think burning makes everything look bad around
my village, at night it's beautiful.


  1. Is the soccer stadium the best looking building in the country? Are you going to let a few of your chicken eggs hatch or are they all for eating/selling?

    1. Just about! There are a few shopping malls around town in Lusaka that are pretty nice. You can get some good food, watch a movie, go clothes shopping, etc.

      I'm going to let these 10 eggs hatch and hope most of them make it. I might be giving a few away, but these will all go establish a group. Once I've got enough, then I'll just eat the eggs.

  2. Is the church still in use - did you go in?

    1. It's still in use. I haven't been in the actual church part, but I was given a tour of the bishop's dorms. They are renovating some of it, so it's easier to tour right now.

  3. What is that mascot supposed to be?

    1. I have no idea what that mascot is. I'm not sure if they have an official mascot, it might just be a guy in a green bird/dinosaur costume with a pink wig.

  4. What is a pot sticker?

    1. Pot stickers are like Asian finger foods, I guess. Fried/boiled dough filled with Chinese cabbage, carrots, and ground beef, if you can find some. Soy sauce and some other sauces to dip.

  5. Are the fish on your plate the same as what you are trying to raise in your ponds? I see you didn't clean the fish before cooking them. Is that because that is the way they do it there or is it easier to get the meat off the bones this way?

    1. Not sure the exact type of fish we were eating. Although I'm trying to get people to farm fish, there isn't much harvesting going on around me. Most of the fish I eat in the village was caught in the dambo or in the lake. It's probably some type of tilapia, which is what I'm trying to get people to grow.

      There isn't much cleaning of the fish unless you are smoking them and preserving them to sell later. Most of the time you just pick your way through the bones and whatever you don't want to eat. I find it easier to get the bones from the bigger fish. Little fish you just eat the whole thing.

  6. I'm really happy you are having a great time Ben. We all miss you back home. Love ya.