Thursday, May 30, 2013

Introducing Mama

With the leftover bricks I added a small herb garden, two
flower beds, and a couple spots to try and get trees to grow.

Mama. When I got her she could walk
around on my palm, curl up, and lay down.

Mama, the porker, eating my leftover tuna. She usually looks like
she's just eaten a tennis ball, she's got a gut. I think she eats too fast too,
because she tears up every time she eats something.

Patrick and I eating the 4th goat I've caught.

Women in my fish farming group cooking the goat. I went ahead
and shared with the whole group. The men in the group were
busy fixing the fence around the ponds at the time.

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  1. Ba Ben,
    Mwabombeni mukwai! Very nice blog replete with great images, both visual and written. I hope your body has recovered from your endo and rice/gravel chewing! Keep up the excellent entries RAP-star!
    Sincerely, Robby