Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Football, Chickens, Food, Hut, etc.

Levy Mwanawasa Stadium, Ndola, Copperbelt, Zambia

A few minutes late

A bit crowded


No streetlights, crossing guards, manners, etc.

Sunrise in Mabote

Lubwe, overlooking the lake

The Catholic mission that started Lubwe

Lake fly season!

Brick laying. They mold them and let them dry for some time,
then build the tower to burn them solid.

Praying mantis sneaking up my wall.

Mama got stuck in between my roof and plastic covering.

Yup, I can even make pot stickers in the village!



Methylated spirits burner.

Methylated spirits burning.

Shelf I made with old bed frame for my clothes,
gadgets, cat, etc.

Living room

The closest thing I have to plumbing.


At night, on the water, fishermen put out lamps to attract fish. They
leave them out for a while, then scoop the fish up. This is a scene
you can see every night.

Best time of the year to stargaze. There's the Milky Way.

Burning the dambo to make new goat grazing grounds. The black
dots are termite hills.

A typical Zambian meal. Nshima on the left, fish, egg on the right, and
a kale type thing.

My new chickens, Prince and Eve. Eve is currently sitting on 10 eggs.

Mama and Eve don't get along. Eve usually wins any
conflict over food. Here, Mama is spying on Eve taking
a dirt bath.

Although I usually think burning makes everything look bad around
my village, at night it's beautiful.