Saturday, June 9, 2012

40 Days To Go

With 1 month before departure closing in on me, I suppose I should begin my blog. I have accepted my invitation from the Peace Corps to serve in Zambia with their RAP (Rural Aquaculture Promotion) program. Basically, teaching how to fish farm in the African bush. I have been told I will have no electricity or running water. I will have my own mud/brick hut with a thatched roof. My toilet will be a hole, and my shower a bucket. Months ago, this was wonderful idea; I had always dreamed of living off the grid, away from civilization, enjoying life by the rhythms of the earth. As much as I am more exited than ever to begin this journey, reality is setting in. Everything I am used to now in life - from hot morning showers, a microwave, internet, to cars and grocery stores – will only exist to me in some abstract, upside down, backwards version I once took for granted.

Over the course of the past year, I have fallen in love with the thought of living in Africa. As my view of Africa has gotten more complete from more stories and books than I can count, I am still bewhildered by the immensity and weight of the history and culture that lies in this region. This growing perspective of the continent has given me a clearer picture of the vast differences between ethic groups, climate, culture, beliefs, and ways of life than I ever though I'd know, and I haven't even stepped off the plane.

The main goal of this blog is to help paint a more realistic picture of Africa. But, I need your help. My wish for this blog is to create a dialogue between the readers and myself. Ask questions, get involved, leave comments. This is your chance to experience the world in ways you may never have been exposed to. I am going to keep this entry short, I will have plenty to talk about soon enough.

Now, how to pack for 2 years...