Saturday, September 27, 2014

Last Pics of Zambia

Enjoying some of the names in Samfya. Another good one? Shikamushile

Climbed a termite mound near the fish ponds. Best aerial view I could get.

Not sure why the kids like to salute and pose like boxers.

Mama on left, Tata on right, Lala up top.

Bagheera 2 and Bamboo

Several years ago, packets were outlawed in Zambia.
A packet of vodka or gin could cost around 50 ngwee (10 cents?)
Turns out cheap shots makes everyone drunk. Found these in Lubwe
I told the owner of the shop they were illegal. "Oh yes, illegal, 2 kwacha."
1 kwacha ~ 20 cents

Got a bag of balloons in a care package. Unleashed them onto the village kids.

Over at my friend Chris's house. The King vs. Elvis.

Stay tuned. Next month I'll be in Uganda for a gorilla trek and rafting for a week, then on to Spain for 3 weeks of eating.

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