Monday, May 19, 2014

Helmet Cam!

I decided I should try strapping my phone camera to the top of my helmet so I can show everyone where I bike to regularly around my site and in towns. Here are the first two I've made. The first is coming from the house of my health counterpart, Martin Nkaka, to the dambo where we went diving. The second is the bumpy 6.5 kilometer ride from Martin's brother, Chris Nkaka, to my hut. I've sped up the videos 4x so you don't have to wait around for 20 minutes.


  1. How can you tell where you are going - so many trails, but no signs? How many times did you take a wrong turn before you had the trip memorized? Some trails are so hard to see, how did you find them?

  2. There's one sign for Mabote on the main road from Lubwe. I've taken it twice and have never figured out how to get to Mabote. I ended up walking through people's fields from one path to another, never quite sure which direction I was facing.

    Mostly now it just takes me one trip to figure it out. Most of what look like side trails are just to a person's hut just out of view from the camera, there's fewer trails than you'd think. Generally too, there's just main paths, once you hit a main path, you just keep going until you hit a main road or wherever you're going.