Saturday, October 19, 2013

Kwanga and Village Life

Early in the morning people line the fences for a good place to watch the ceremony.

Groups of dancers come and go, drumming on drums|
and showing off their skills. Sometimes the dancers
are quite young.

Here comes the Chief!

Senior Chief Mwewa
Kwanga is a ceremony of thanksgiving, unity, and all those other buzz
words for big parties. But what you won't normally hear is the story of
how Kwanga began. A long time ago there was this old chief, and in
typical powerful old chief fashion he wanted more power, even to the point
ordering newborn boys to be killed. The villages in the surrounding
communities didn't like this idea too much, so they planned the murder
of the chief. His servants and helpers drilled and plugged a hole in one
of his boats. They arranged the strongest swimmers to be his boatsmen
for the day. When they got out to the middle of the lake, they unplugged
the hole and bailed ship. The old chief was left to drown in the lake.

Mama found a chameleon

Welcome to the hot season.

Martin's rocking garden.

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