Friday, April 5, 2013

Lake Tanganyika Pictures

Bird playing around in the grass.

David explaining how the car won't fit over the hole in the bridge.

Kalambo Falls and Gorge.

Kalambo Falls.

Kalambo Falls.
Lake Tanganyika.

Sailing back to port with sail made of old mealie meal sacks.


  1. How did you get past the hole in the bridge?

    1. Some villagers came out to watch us while we were stuck, a few of them took off into the bush to cut down logs, while another went to get some planks. We threw them down, crossed our fingers, the driver gunned it, and we made it. I tried to get a picture of the car on top of the logs, but the driver was too fast, I got a blurry pic.

  2. Awesome. Your blogging is great, Ben!

  3. Beautiful pictures! I am doing a post on Zambia waterfalls. I will be linking to this post as I love your shots.